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Happy Birthday this month to:


If you, or someone you know of, is having a B-Day this month and would like to be listed, let me know.


Score sheets missing at last update

(11/15/2018   12:09 pm):

Points not deducted until 12pm Monday:

A few reminders for the Playoffs - 

Playoffs & Finals are a race to 7 points. First team to reach seven - wins.  DO NOT keep up with PFEs and do not count darts in the individual 501 games - 51 dart rule still in effect.

The winning teams are responsible for calling in the match score and

bringing the score sheet to the Finals.

If the winning team fails to call in the score of the Semi Finals match before 9am the following day, they will FORFEIT their right to play in the Finals.  Please Call In The Score!

If a player hits a Ton 80 or Cricket patch during the Playoffs, it MUST be

noted on the score sheet for the player to receive credit.

You can now click on the image below to print a copy in .pdf format.